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Archangel Gabriel

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Archangel Gabriel Empty Archangel Gabriel

Post  Maxecat Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:08 pm

Gabriel is the one archangel who is depicted as both male and female.Gabriel is the messenger and is recognized in both Judeo-Chrisitian and Islamic traditions.
Not only a messenger,she is recognized as helpful to would be parents having fertiltity problems or wishing to adopt.
If spiritual vision seems blocked or help is needed in interpreting dreams,Gabriel is the entity to call on for assistance.
She can help those involved in the arts or any field of communication,acting as a coach. She inspires and motivates artists and journalists by helping them to overcome fear or procrastination.
If your life lacks direction or you can't find your true calling seek help from Gabriel. She is also helpful in eliminating negative thoughts or memories from women who've been sexually assaulted.Being associated with the moon,she can be asked for help with menstrual difficulties. She can also eliminate the negative emotions you may have absorbed from others..all you have to do is ask.

Gabriel is sought to help fulfill dreams,bring ideas into reality,overcome self doubts.Seek her guidance in domestic affairs that need soothing and smoothing.Use her gift of communication to bring order and calm to your home.All prayers to Gabriel seem more powerful when done at the full moon.

Gabriel's day is Monday
ruled by Moon
Direction is West
Colours are silver,white,pale blue
Element is Water
Flower: lilies
Scents: jasmine,rose,eucalyptus,myrrh
Astrological signs: Pisces,Cancer,Scorpio

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