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Archangel Raphael

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Archangel Raphael Empty Archangel Raphael

Post  Maxecat Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:47 pm

Raphael is the great healer. His name means "Healing Power of God", or" God Heals".
Rapha=healer,el=of God

Raphael is a powerful healer of not only humans but animals as well, He helps in rapid healing of body,mind and spirit, if called upon. You may also call upon Raphael in assisting others but bear in mind no archangel will interfere in the Karma or free will of another. Healing of the physical or spiritual can not be forced on anyone.
Raphael is the most human 'friendly' of the great entities who has a special fondness for children and lost pets.
Part of his healing work is that of space cleaning and when working with Michael can efficiently release negative engery and trapped spirits..leading lower energies away from people and places.

He is a protector of travelers,both physical travelers and those on spirtual journeys. As a communicator he can direct requests and prayers to the most appropriate angel.
As a healer, he can be called upon to help anyone in the medical field from students to established practitioners. Not only can he help with physical healing but also psychic wounds from past lives.
He can be called to help with lost pets,sick children,elimination of addictions and cravings,development of clairvoyance,memory enhancement,the learning of new languages and bringing unity to a modern life fractured by distance and miscommunication.

He is a ruler of Mercury.
Day is Wednesday
Element is Air
Direction is East
Season is Spring
Colours are yellows and greens
Scents: lavender,lily of the valley,mint,thyme
Flower: Iris
Astrological signs: Aquarius,Libra,Gemini
Crystals: Malachite,Citrine,Aventurine,Yellow Calcite

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