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Angels and Archangel Michael

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Angels and Archangel Michael Empty Angels and Archangel Michael

Post  Maxecat Wed Sep 07, 2011 3:15 pm

I was going to start a conversation about archangels in the Wind section but a thread dealing with spiritual entities seems closer to this one than working with the global community.

The name archangel means a being of God (i.e. El) with the capacity of being in many places at once. Archangels,apparently are the original multitaskers.

It's appropriate to begin with the most familiar of the seven most recognized archangels,Michael,he of the flaming sword. His name means "who is like God" or "Like unto God" and he is the recognized leader of all archangels. He is in charge of protection,courage,strength,truth and integrity. He is a powerful protector overseeing lightworkers and their life purpose.

He is the "go to" archangel for eliminating fear and the toxins that fear creates in people as individuals and on the planet in general.

He oversees the weather,agriculture,all things in the natural world.His sword is ready to cut the bonds of fear that threaten to hold us back from our true purpose.

When failing in your resolve,when lacking committment or motivation,when lacking courage or direction and self esteem,Michael is the one to seek. He helps in guiding us in following our own truth and to realize our core natures.

When overcome by work deadlines,frustrations,health problems,nightmares or any self doubt,Michael can cut us loose from anything preventing us from realizing our personal fulfillment.

According to some believers,Michael is the one to call on when facing electrical or mechanical glitches or failure. St Michael of the AAA?

Michael is associated with the Sun.
His special day is Sunday
His element is Fire
His direction is the South
Season is Summer
Colours are gold,yellows,orange and purple
Scents: chamomile,frankincense,rosemary,sage
Flower: Marigold
Astrological signs: Leo,Sagittarius,Aries

Crystals: sugilite,amber,golden topaz,clear crystal quartz

anyone with information that can add or correct anything I've written,please contribute to the article.

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