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Rules of Conduct Empty Rules of Conduct

Post  Admin Fri Jul 22, 2011 4:17 pm

This post outlines the rules of this board. Most, if not all, of these rules are common sense, but here are the specifics of for the forums. Please follow them!

1.Name calling. Just don't do it. Period.

2. Bashing. This is mean, and just wrong. It hurts people when you do this. Any bashing will result in disciplinary    action up to and including banning.

3. Double Posting. This is a biggie... no Double Posting please! If you must add something to one of your existing posts, please do us all a favour and use the Edit link under that post. Any Double Posts will be deleted. If you are found Double Posting in excess, further action will be left to our discretion.

4. Bumping of the threads. It's okay if you find your thread on page 13341424 and you want to bring it back up by typing up a post that actually has to do with the conversation, but there are to be no posts that say simply, "Hey, I found this on page 13341424, and I'm bumping it!" It's not really adding to the conversation, and it's really just a useless post.

5. Spam. It is already known throughout the internet community not to do it, but I thought I ought to say it again. A note: if the link is related to the thread, and you think that the readers will benefit from it, it's not Spam. Otherwise, please check into the Common Area's advertisment thread for all your Spamming needs! Smile

6. Absolutely, positively no chatspeak. This includes u for you; 2 for to or too; sez for says; nething for anything; and many countless others. Chatspeak is just difficult to read. Please don't use it! Posts with chatspeak will be manually altered or deleted to our discretion.

7. No yelling. In the Internet world, this is typing anything in All Caps, WHICH IS WHEN YOU TYPE LIKE THIS. It's just rude, and extremely hard to read in large text areas.

8. Bash other people's theories. Although you may not agree with the individual's theory, you must accept it. Everyone here has an opinion, just as you have yours. If you honestly don't agree with the theory in question, post a comment on why you don't; please don't just post saying that it "doesn't make sense" or "this is so stupid". Posts of this nature will be deleted. If banning is justified, We don't have a problem with doing so.

9. Avatars must be no larger than 100 x 100 pixels. Signatures no larger than 200 x 40 pixels. Pics must be no larger than 500 x 500 pixels. Any bigger, and the post will be edited to remove the image(s), and a Moderator's Note will be left. If you continue to use the image(s) in question, points will be deducted.

10. Excessive words/letters/characters/punctuation. This doesn't help anyone. There's no need to put hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when greeting friend, and there's no need to show how big something is when you type bbbbbbbbiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggg.

11. Excessive use of code. Is there really a need to bold, italic, and/or underline an entire post? No, not really. It just makes it hard to read. Please limit your usage of codeL to a minimum in the forums.

14. STAY ON TOPIC. This is not a chat site so if you want to do that go somewhere else. If we discover topics that constantly stray off topic they will be deleted & will not be allowed to be recreated. There are threads set up for general chit chat please use them.

15. All members MUST be over the age of 13 years old to be on the site. If a person under that age is found to be on the site, they will be asked to leave immediately and their profile removed. U.S. laws went into place at the start of 2004 that made allowing members under the age of the 13 no longer possible.

16. All content must follow the PG13 standard. Any post fond to violate this rule will be removed. Repeated offense will result in disciplinary action.

More rules will be added as they come to us.

But please: do us all a favour and follow them! It makes our job a lot easier, and in the end, it benefits you all, too: the less rules you break, the less we deduct off your point tally, the more you enjoy the site. Smile

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